To raid or not to raid that is never a question.

History of Tomb Raider leading up to Rise of the Tomb Raider

So I thought I’d write an article about my thoughts and feelings about the huge franchise Tomb Raider, before delving into my review of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

I played some of the original ones mostly from a pervy teens mind hoping to get to see Lara naked like some gaming magazines suggested was possible. This was before the internet became what is today and i saw this as an easy to see some stuff I wasn’t supposed to see. I saw nothing but pixelated fully clothed characters running around I was hugely disappointed in this and wasn’t a fan of the action game genre at the time so barely got anywhere in them. I found the controls hard to use and it felt really difficult to do any of the things they talked about doing in the game. New ones came I tried some and couldn’t understand why this was such a huge series and people seemed to love it so much. Looking back at the original ones i can recollect shooting dual pistols while jumping and I think running away from a tiger, very unmemorable for me. Later on the internet I saw naked Tomb Raider 1 Lara and wondered why this seemed so important to me at the time.

The movies came and I watched both of them and found myself bored. I love adventure films, these just felt flat and boring and with the curse of most video game movies were doomed to fail in my eyes as a gamer right away. It felt like mindless action sequences and horrible plots that just didn’t work at all. Angelina did a fine job, but even she couldn’t make these movies interesting. It’s amazing to even this day video game movies just can’t be done right, but we have the hugely successful superhero franchises.

Then  came the game Tomb Raider Legend this was a reboot, a reimagining, a restart of the series so to speak. I worked at a game store and got a huge discount and picked it up for $2.50. Thinking if I liked it, it gave me something to do this weekend and if I didn’t I could just trade it in when I went back to work. I started playing and kind of half-paid attention to it, not really giving it a chance, not thinking it deserved one anyway.  I did notice the controls were quite responsive and did what I wanted. Enemy encounters were fun not annoying feats of impossibility. The story had me engaged and I got caught up in it. Something that really hadn’t,t happened often to me in games before. I found myself playing to the wee hours of the morning slept a little then up and played right away scarfing pizza and drinking some mountain dew. I was determined to have nothing stop my playing this game. I was re-introduced to the action adventure genre and was loving every minute of it. This was an amazing game and in my opinion probably is what got our cinematic games to really come forward. Shortly after this Uncharted Drakes Fortune came and took all of this to grand new heights. I was now a fan I could see why people liked this series at long last I knew I couldn’t go back to the old ones they would feel even worse after playing through this with its amazing controls and story, but I would continue with this franchise.

A new tomb raider was coming out I was stoked. I’d get my copy day 1 and take this series head on. Tomb Raider Anniversary came and didn’t manage to keep my momentum going at all. The controls were good, but it just didn’t feel fun at all. I gave it a pass after a couple of hours. Quickly brought it back to work for a trade in thinking maybe I was wrong, was legend… just a fluke? So when  Tomb Raider Underworld came out I was wary read reviews and heard it was not good at all. Sadly i felt I was done with this series once again. It did come out free on PlayStation plus a few years ago and I got to try it, yeah it sucked. It looked nice and even the controls were good, but it just wasn’t enjoyable at all even with the huge spots you went. It dealt with Norse mythology which I love so I thought I would force myself through, but this game couldn’t hold my attention very long at all. (deleted)  The spin-off multi-player game came Guardians of light. I’m not really into multiplayer so passed at the time. I bought it later on a sale and had a fun time with it, but played it solo so didn’t get a lot of the cool things in the game.  It was cleverly done  full of challenging  puzzles and some fun combat.

Shortly after playing Guardians of light,the internet was abuzz with something new about tomb raider and a trailer came out. Bored and curious I checked it out. Wow this was incredible it looked amazing it was so emotional it was another reboot sadly, but I know that’s a big way to get people into a game. It looked like uncharted but tomb raider as i said it felt Tomb Raider Legend was an inspiration for Uncharted, Uncharted took all that to new levels and beyond. This felt like they were taking inspiration from what they inspired. I had to get this game. Then life changed and I moved to Thailand all was forgotten about this game until I saw it and a ps3 on sale near my village.  Plugging it in and waiting for it to load I was finding myself excited like a kid waiting for Santa Claus. Once loaded i delved in and was blown away and marveled how it looked and played. This game was brilliant like Uncharted, but more open world. It had an amazing crafting system and adrenaline pumped action scenes continuously throughout. My only complaint would be the characters weren’t the greatest but that’s quite common for most games. It was more fun than uncharted, but the story and characters were on no level close to it.  I’d give it a 90/100 and a huge recommendation of a game to play and play with friends or loved ones this is a very cinematic game and lot’s of fun to play or watch.

The sequel to Guardians of light, Tomb Raider and the temple of Osiris came out and it’s for the most part, the same thing as Guardians of Light. It did have a bit more emphasis on solo play, so I could do more stuff and I found it a bit easier as well. For a new gamer going into the series I would say if your playing with friends definitely get the spin-off games and just skip all the games, but Tomb Raider (2013) You can just read a synopsis online and there’s plenty more amazing games worthy of your time.

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