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Black Mirror season 3 episode 1 “Nosedive” review.

After a three and a half year wait ( I know it’s only almost 2 years since the amazing Jon Hamm Christmas special, but that just felt like a magical Christmas present so doesn’t count. Black Mirror is back. I cannot talk better about any show especially anthology shows then black mirror. Heck season 1 episode 2 “15 million merits”, is my favorite thing I have ever watched on TV. So when I heard that Netflix had commissioned a third season of this I was scared. Netflix is great and I really enjoy most of their programs I have watched, but I didn’t think they had the guts to do what this show has done. Make me feel utterly uncomfortable about the world and myself within it and somehow be all bright and colorful and still give me hope. Netflix has so far delivered “Nosedive” was excellent. (incoming spoilers)

This episode deals with like unlike to a thousandth degree. Instead of just a comment or a pic, this does a person. Everyone has an implant put on their eye that essentially lets you see everyone around you with a name and a grade of how well they are liked on a 0-5 star grading scale. Everybody has some kind of handheld device that they can swipe to give stars to people and they can scroll through that people posts pictures and videos of their everyday life. Every time it refreshes people’s grade goes up or down. The neat thing is the higher your grade is the more privileges you get in life. You might be allowed into the fast lane get a better room deal or be allowed into different places people with lower grades can’t get into. This, of course, creates a fake utopian world where everyone has a happy face and want to please everyone around them. Maybe you got cut off in line and you want to get angry but your afraid they will unlike you but maybe you can secretly unlike them later so you smile and say it’s okay. So we have this totally fake world where everyone is selfishly doing everything they can to make everyone around them happy and to be liked to put themselves higher on the status pole. This in itself could have been a whole season of a show and they created this world and dealt with a situation in it in less than an hour unbelievable.

So in this world, we have a girl named Lacie who is trying to be perfect for the world to get her grade up she is already at 4.2 and is obsessed with getting that up. She tracks people who are higher and sees what they do. She has a counselor who tells her what to do to be better received, has the fakest happy smile and happiest of happy laughs down pact. She has a goal of 4.5 in mind and a way to get it. The acting from everyone was great and the sugary happiness all around was so dark and uncomfortable loved it. They truly made this world come to life and gave a very plausible story in a normal world work under completely different conditions for this story.

This episode really really latched onto me because I see this sort of thing all the time. There are so many fake people out there that do everything they can to be liked and it’s sad to see. We rarely can tell who a real person is anymore these days. Even friends seem to be two different people depending on who is around. I don’t think our world will get quite as bad as, “Nosedive” but we are getting dangerously close to it all the time. I give this a 90/100 (so many high scores to start my reviews, I promise I don’t love everything I watch)

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