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Hush review

                 Just watched Hush last night. What a remarkable and clever movie. I've seen quite a few home invasion type horrors before, mostly for a laugh. I heard some good things and I saw it while perusing Netflix  so thought I would give it a go. Well, I am glad I did. (Minor spoilers throughout)

                Hush takes the home invasion movie to a new level by giving the main character a weakness right off the bat. The heroine is deaf and mute. Not something that is too common to see but it added a new depth to the playing field and had us wonder does she even have a chance. I haven't seen an original home invasion tale since Funny games. This movie was very raw and real. Believable characters, a good story and people were for the most part not too stupid. The effects were great felt like these actors were actually bleeding and in pain. Hush had an amazing villain he was weird and wonderful and had no story for him at all. Too many movies give us way too much motive for a villain and it takes away what from what makes them scary. How can we be scared of someone that we maybe feel sorry for or actually want to see them get a win. I like to imagine what I would do if in the scenarios that they are in and this one outsmarted me in some ways. The camera work was superb kept the tension up throughout the movie with some slow pans and quick cuts. Something that really impressed me about this movie is it didn't try to go for the jump scares most horror movies seem to rely on these days. It built on tension from beginning to end. The score I guess was unrememberable because I couldn't tell you if it was good or bad. The only downside was a semi sci-fi-ness to it that wasn't needed and a moment or two of pay attention to this, it will be more important later scenes, that just feel like they think the viewer is dumb or want to make people feel clever when they see something coming before it happens. 

                 It's a stay at home turn off the lights and really hope you don't see a sudden face in the window kind of  movie. I give it an 88/100.  

(This is my first review for the site and may change my ranking system and style but out of 100 gives a lot of freedom.)  

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